New Ways to Become a Member of the Co-op!

Ambler Food Co-op members are making progress towards opening a grocery store in the Ambler Borough in partnership with Weavers Way Co-op.  Celebrate the good news by becoming a member today with our new member payment options and incentives.  Together, we will open a great full-service grocery store in Ambler!


 New Membership Plans

  • If you join as a fully-invested member ($400) by September 1, 2016, you will receive a $100 sales promotion card to spend at Weavers Way's existing stores or at our store when we open!
  • The lowest possible investment for membership is now only $30/year.  Higher amounts are welcomed - you decide! 

To find out more about the Ambler Food Co-op / Weavers Way partnership, and where we are in our assessment of a possible site, here is an article in Weavers Way's newspaper, The Shuttle.  

Join today so that you can play a part in our development and our success!