Community Profile: Shoshanah Murray

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Meet Shoshanah Murray, a recent addition to our MOV (Membership/Outreach/Volunteer) committee!

1. What do you do for a living?
Clerk of the Court, Montgomery County District Court

2. Do you have a nickname?
No nickname

3. How long have you lived in Ambler?
3 years, we moved from the Northern Liberties in Philadelphia.

4. List the locations where you’ve lived in the past.
Philadelphia, PA; Seattle, WA; Kfar Hanasi & Hod HaSharon, Israel; Claremont, CA; Anchorage, AK

5. How did you hear about the co-op?
From friends and community outreach

6. What do you like best about Ambler?
Its small town feel and walkability

7. What is your favorite Quote?
“It is not where you are going, it is how you are going”

8. What is your favorite activity?
Spending time with my family, creating art and other things and reading.

9. What’s the thing you are most looking forward to about our co-op?
Having fresh and local food within walking distance.

10. What is your first experience with a co-op?
There is a co-op near my childhood home – they always had the coolest things there.

11. What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer?
Go for walks in the evening and get some ice cream, watch the fireflies in the backyard.

12. Coffee or Tea
Usually coffee, but tea in the winter.

13. You may not have known that I ….
Understand several languages, but only speak two.

14. As a child, I wanted to be a…
An artist and traveler.

15. What is your favorite food?
Right now, I’ll go with Chili Chocolate.

16. My family:
Husband, Justin; daughter, Sophia; dog, Bandit

17. Education:
BFA in 3-D Fine Art and Non-Western Art History

18.What’s a “hidden” gem of the Ambler area?
Toto’s and the library

19. Favorite local community event?
First Friday, parade days

20. I can’t live without…
My kindle – I love to read, and my green boots, they’re just so sassy!