Hosting a House Party


 barn.JPGHosting a house party is one of the best ways you can do your part to help bring a member-owned food market to Ambler.

As you know, the advantages a co-op has over its corporate counterparts derive from the fact that it is community-owned. For our project to work, we need your help to bring more members of the community on board.

Often folks who are just learning about the co-op hesitate to join, because they struggle to imagine what membership will actually look and feel like. Hearing a friend or neighbor talk about why they joined the co-op and why they love it can go a long way toward helping undecided folks visualize membership. And the warm, familial, communal vibe of food and drinks with friends is a perfect representation of what the Ambler Food Co-op is all about.

If you want to host a party, please begin the process by following the instructions below. If you are unsure and it's because you worry you don't have all the resources and knowledge to fully explain what the co-op does, don't worry -- we assign a board member to every party to talk about the co-op and answer guests' questions. Download the PDF of our house-party brochure for more information about how we'll help on this front.

How do I get started?

Send an email, with "host party" in the subject line, to:

In the email, please include:


  • An estimate of how many people will attend
  • The theme or style of your party
  • The date and time you would like to have your party
  • The address where you will host the event



Bernadette's House Party featuring food from local food providers. Liza's Ice Cream social featuring locally made ice cream. Liza's Ice Cream social featuring locally made ice cream.

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