House Party Info

Hosting a House Party


We believe that gathering people together around a common table to discuss an important issue in a comfortable environment is a great way to grow sustainable and durable support for the Ambler Food Co-op - and we need your help!


As a pledged member of the Co-op, we all have a real stake in the progress and success of this project and YOU are an important and powerful tool in the goal to build our membership base.  There are many reasons to support a retail grocery store co-op, but your friends who have not yet done so will most likely be swayed by what you have to say about why you joined.


If the idea of hosting a gathering intimidates or stresses you out,  our House Party support should put you at ease.  In a nutshell, here’s the framework:

Let us know you’d like to host a party by sending an e-mail to and include Host Party in the subject field.


Please include the following in your e-mail:

  1. An estimate of the size of your house party.

  2. The format of your party

This is where you can get creative as you’d like!  You could host a Co-op Potluck and have your guests bring their favorite recipe with locally sourced ingredients, or host a cocktail party, an afternoon tea, or even a wine and cheese party.  You should plan for a 2 hour time slot to allow for socializing and speakers.

  1. The date and time you’d like to have your party (as long as a backup option or two)
    Ideally planning should begin approximately 2-3 weeks before the party and the more of a heads up you give us the more dates will be available.

  2. The address where you will be hosting this event.


Thank you for helping to grow our community!  The more quickly we can grow our member/ownership base, the faster we’ll be able to open our doors.  It’s time to eat!

Use the this handy Party Planning Guide to make your party easy and fun!

Step 1 - Invitations

  1. Finalize your guest list.

Include anyone and everyone you think might be interested in joining – consider all

of your favorite people and networks – family, friends, neighbors, co-workers,

school alumni, parent groups, social clubs, hobby groups, community

organizations, church groups, holiday card list, etc.

    B. Cultivate your message.

Make sure that your guests know that the goal of your party is to increase

awareness in and support of the Co-op. Direct people to our website

( to learn more about why membership

means ownership.

   C. Invite your guests.

A few electronic options include:

Stylish e-cards made to look like paper cards; many free customizable options

Popular, widely used, free electronic invitation site

Allows you to generate and mail paper versions of your electronic invitation at reasonable costs

If you would like guests to bring a dish or drink be sure to include your needs in the invite. You may want to ask your guests to include what they plan to bring when they RSVP so that you can plan/manage your menu requests accordingly.



Step 2 – Support:

A. A member of the Co-op Board or Membership Committee will attend the party to

help answer questions and handle the registration process for anyone interested

in joining the night of your party.

B. If you are friends with any other current member/owners already, we encourage

you to ask a couple of them to join the party to help greet your guests, mingle

and answer questions.

Step 3 – Be Prepared to Share:

A. Prepare your own personal statement about your interest in the Co-op:

Why did you become a member/owner? Why is having a co-op in Ambler

important to you? Why do you love the Co-op?

B. Develop the agenda.

Decide when you will introduce the topic, whether you would like to speak about

the Co-op (or have a Board Member or Steering Committee Member do it). We

do ask you, in any event, to make the final appeal using your personal statement.

A direct “ask” from you will have the greatest impact on your friends, colleagues

and family members.

Step 4 – Follow Up:

A. Call guests to follow-up on the invitation. This is a personal touch your guests

will likely appreciate. Make sure to suggest that guests bring their checkbooks

with them. “I think you’ll want to become involved that very night.”

B. Remind your support team of fellow member/owners of the time you need them

to arrive (if applicable).

C. Check in with the Ambler Food Co-op team – send an email to with a final head count and agenda.

Step 5 – Party:

Relax and enjoy the company of your friends.