Introducing . . .the official Ambler Food Co-op Logo!

Ambler Food Co-op Logo 

We are so excited to reveal our official logo!  The logo was designed by Josh Ercole of Ambler.  Below, you can read about Josh’s thought process while designing the logo:

Over the past several months, I have listened to peoples’ thoughts and ideas regarding what this co-op means to them. I took this into consideration as I thought about and developed what I would like to see in our logo.

It seemed natural to me to find something that represented food and community and come up with a way to tie them together. This brought me to use of a pitch/hand/fork concept to represent farm/community/food.

My thought was that by using the three similarly shaped symbols, a sense of continuity would be achieved. In addition, spacing these similarly shaped elements equally apart reminded me of crops, adding to the sense of the co-op being a growing, organic form.

The fact that the individual images are similar, yet still different from one another, represents both a like-mindedness of the members/community in that we are all looking to achieve a goal, while at the same time, their differences represent diversity, both of culture and interests.

I am very excited and extremely honored that this logo was chosen as the logo for the Ambler Food Co-op.  I look forward to seeing how it will play a part as a recognizable face of the Co-op during its’ continuing development.

Thank you Josh!  We love it!