Membership Means We Own It

Joining the co-op is easy! Read below for an overview of how it works and the benefits.

A member makes a total equity payment of $400, payable all at once or in installments as low as $25/month. This payment entitles a household to full membership, with all rights and privileges as an equity shareholder/owner of the co-op.  This is not a yearly payment.  A household includes everyone residing together at one address. 

Members will have an equal say in the direction and development of the store and its services. And while the store will be open to the public, without members, the co-op will not exist. Without growing membership, the co-op will not grow. 

Members will have exclusive rights to shopping discounts and services, so they will save money.  Members may receive patronage refunds when the co-op has a surplus of funds.  If you move, you may apply for a refund. 

On the next page you will be shown the bylaws of the Ambler Food Co-op. In order to become a member we are asking you to read and agree to them. 

Do you have questions about the Ambler Food Co-op or membership?  Please e-mail us at !

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The equity payment demystified: Ambler Food Co-op, being a cooperative, requires an equity payment for membership. You can join the Co-op and make this payment by clicking the link below. Equity payments, membership, and member involvement are key elements to a cooperative’s success, in part because they give the co-op leverage with banks and grant funders. They prove there is community support behind the project, and that the business will be sustainable and have foot traffic once the doors are open. The equity payment is not a fee, nor is it dues. It is not an annual charge. It is a one-time investment that brings with it ownership in a community-owned enterprise—in this case, a grocery store—where that investment gives members democratic control in how the enterprise is operated. The equity amount required for membership in Ambler Food Co-op is $400 total. This amount can be paid in full (online or by check) or in installments (online only). Installment amounts are restricted to $25/month for 16 consecutive months, $50/month for 8 months, or $100/month for 4 consecutive months—until the $400 is met. But as mentioned above, once the total of $400 has been paid, the equity requirement for membership has been satisfied. And once a payment is made, in any of the above listed amounts, a membership is considered active and ownership has begun. As the equity payment is an investment, should a member wish to withdraw their membership, the amount of equity they have paid thus far will be returned to them, depending on the co-op’s financial standing at that point. That’s it in a nutshell. Any questions?
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