Support the co-op . . .drink more beer!


Beer Barrel

Yes! You read that correctly . . .

We are so excited because Ambler’s own Forest & Main Brewing Company has created a special brew for the co-op!  Not only that, but one dollar of every beer sold will go to support the co-op!  The plan is to tap the beer on February 21st, so do us a favor and drink some beer!  This special beer has been named Toad Lane, after the location of the very first co-op founded by theRochdale Pioneers in England.

And if you didn’t know, members of the steering committee will be at Forest & Main this Thursday, February 21 (the day the beer is tapped) from 5:00-7:00 pm for a Q&A session about the co-op and pledge drive.  Bring your friends and family!

If you can’t make it this Thursday, make sure you stop by Forest & Main and order a “Toad Lane” soon!  Here is some information about the beer, from Forest & Main’s Facebook page:

Just brewed a hoppy white ale. 40% Hard red winter wheat from Pete’s Produce in West Grove, PA. A metric boatload of Falconer’s Flight, N.Z. Wakatu, and Centennial hops. Should be fantastic.

We plan to tap this beer on Thursday Feb. 21 for an info session for the Ambler Food Co-Op. Steering committee members will be onsite to answer any questions and hopefully start accepting some pledges.

We can’t wait for the Co-op to get going and are proud to offer our support. A dollar for every glass of this beer sold will be donated to their start-up efforts.

Thank you, thank you, Forest & Main!  We couldn’t do this without support from people like you!